Things That Are A Must Do During Window Painting

Having your windows painted is a task that is time consuming. This is one of the areas of your house that you should not paint unless you have sufficient experience. Therefore is a good idea to hire a professional painting company like Advanced Painting. By doing so you gain experienced contractors who clearly know how to work with varied surfaces.

As a homeowner, whether it’s a granny flat, a townhouse or just a residential home, it’s important that you understand the project clearly. From the tradesmen, the cost, the timeline, insurance to the licenses. Good painters will answer any question related to the project ensuring that you understand to the last letter. 

Window Painting

Window painting is not an easy task for those that are not experienced. One has to take care of the window panes to avoid breakage and overpainting. It consumes a lot of time to get the project done. Certified painters pay attention to detail and they know the do’s and don’ts whether they are painting the inside or the outside of the house.

Some of the Things to Consider

A professional painting company is aware of the things to avoid when painting your windows. This will reduce the chances of messing up the project. What are some of the things that the technicians will consider?

The Window Material

There are several materials that make up windows. The window that is made of metal is not painted the same as a plastic or timber one. The approach is totally different. Painters will need to consider the window material to decide on the most appropriate approach.

The Design of the Window

This also determines the paint approach that the painting company will use. There are two main ones which are the casement design and the sash windows. The difference is that the casement design has one or two hinges attaching the window to the frame. On the other hand, the hung sash windows has a frame made of sashes (panels) that are movable and hold the glass panes. The painting approaches will be different.

Technical Aspects and Features

Different windows will have different features. They matter when it comes to painting. The features on the window could determine the kinds of paintbrushes that will be used. Painters also put into consideration how the windows open.

To have the best end results for your window painting task, it’s advisable that your hire a reputable painting company. There are many things that the painters will consider and this is the reason they inspect the windows first.

Tips to Take Care of Potted Plants in Winter

Winter is a season that could see your gardening efforts fail. This is one reason you should have potted plants. Just because it’s wet and cold, it does not mean that you should not take care of your plants. How do you ensure that your garden thrives even when the winter is here?

  • Plant in the Right Pots

There are ideal pots for plants in winter. It’s advisable to avoid planting in concrete and clay pots since they absorb a lot of moisture. The more moisture they absorb which they will do in the cold season, the more harmful they are to the plants and the pots might end up cracking. The best materials for the pots are resin and plastic.

  • Ensure Proper Drainage

If you overwater the plants, there are high chances that the water will accumulate and eventually crack the container and damage the plants. Also depending on where your plants are located this overflow of water can also damage that area too. For this reason. we always recommend treated pine decking for pot plants that are on your verandas. Winter is also a time that there will be excess water in the pots if they are left in the open. Ensure that the pots have proper drainage.

  • Place them in Sunlight

Light is important for the plants and although there is no much sun in winter, it’s important that you place them where they can get some. This enhances their growth in a significant way and prevents them from being frail and dying eventually.

  • Use Enriched Soil

To ensure that there are sufficient nutrients for plants, it’s highly recommended that you use enriched soil when planting. This will prevent you from overfeeding or overwatering them but still ensuring that they are well-fed. In addition to the enriched soil, use organic fertilizer. This will go a long way in keeping the plants healthy in winter.

  • Choose the Ideal Plants

There are plants that will do better than others during this season. When you are selecting the potted plants, those that are suitable for one zone colder than yours are the best option. This guarantees you that regardless of how cold it will be, your plants will still thrive. 

Winter can be quite harsh on your plants even when they are potted. Using enriched soil, organic fertilizer, placing them in sunlight, ensuring proper drainage and using the right pots are highly recommended. This is a season when your plants require more care for them to thrive. Don’t forget to keep them sheltered from the rain and strong winds. 

How to Choose the Best Plants for Your Garden

Besides the aesthetic appeal that a garden gives to your home, it is also relaxing to be surrounded by beautiful plants. Regardless of how big your garden is, there are plenty of trees, plants, and shrubs that you can opt for. It depends on the soil in your garden, your personal taste, and the landscaping design. Although these are the most important things to consider when buying plants, there are several other things that should guide you.

·         Go for a Strong Root System

As you go shopping for the plants. Health is paramount and this is something that must be maintained. The plants that you choose should have strong roots as this is what they use to get water and food. A tip-in determining whether the root system is healthy or not is checking if they are spread out. They should be spread out if they are healthy otherwise if they appear like they are intertwined, then you are buying an unhealthy plant.

·         Take a Look at the Leaves

Brown, yellow, waxy and thin leaves are a sign of a problem. This indicates that they are not healthy probably due to a spider mite problem, have received too much water or none at all, there is pest infestation or they have some kind of infection. All these are signs of unhealthy plants which might affect the existing plants in the garden.

There are ways you can tell how healthy a plant is. The plants should not be thin, while the leaves should be bushy and thick. In addition to this, the leaves should be in their natural color depending on their species.

·         Check for Pests and Diseases

The plants might look healthy but they have diseases and pests. By just looking at the plants from a distance, this will not give you the answer of whether they are infected or not. Most pests settle for the plant joints and leave underside. This requires you to take a closer look.

When you know how to tell whether a plant is healthy or not, your garden will be blossoming. It is frustrating to buy your favorite plants only for them to die several days later due to a problem they had from the one go. Ensure the leaves look brushy in their natural color, the roots are spread out and they do not have a pest infestation.

Effective Ways to Design Your Home Garden

One thing that brings you close to nature in your home is your garden. Sitting on your garden, relaxing, chatting or unwinding brings some kind of peace. The design of your garden plays a key role in how close you will be to nature and the overall appearance of your home. A well-designed garden enhances the curb appeal of your home. There are various things you need to consider while designing your garden. 

What is the Size and Shape?

Before you can start buying plants and pots, you need to consider the size of your garden. How big is it? The size determines how large or small the plants will be. When it’s a big garden, there is a lot of versatility in designing but when it’s small, you need to reconsider the patio furniture and the size of the plants. 

Consider Fertility of Soil and Climate

These two determines how successful your garden efforts will be. Your plants must receive enough sunlight, water and shade exposure for them to thrive. This part calls for a thorough research because different plants will grow in different conditions and different seasons. Without a proper research, your efforts might end up going to waste. 

Add LED Lights

The right outdoor lights can make your home garden even more appealing. As you design your garden, you probably want somewhere you can relax even at night. Light makes a lot of difference especially when it’s dark. You can relate to the lighting in hotels. By adding garden lights, your garden will not only be beautiful, but it will also be easy to use it at night and hold parties there. 

Consider the Theme

Various things will determine the theme of your home garden. The theme may depend on the people living in your home, your preferences and the overall theme of your home. You can draw inspiration from online platforms. If you have small kids, you can design it in a way that it appeals to them. Have a section that has the characteristics of a playground. 

Watch the Paving

You will definitely need paving in your garden. Choosing paving materials that will not be risky to step on incase of wet weather. Ensure that the materials that you use will secure footing and don’t forget they should also be sloppy. Whenever it rains, you can lest be assured that your paving will not flood.

A garden is a beautiful place to spend time in. It’s a place that brings you solace when you need it. It’s in fact easy for your family to spend time outdoors when you have a well-designed garden. By incorporating great home garden designs, you can have a beautiful place that will compel you to appreciate nature more.

Intensify the Appearance of Your Garden with the Right Furniture

Gardens are beautiful and they boost the overall appearance of a home. It’s a great place for relaxation. It is one of the places that you can enjoy tranquility and serenity. For these reasons and more, it should be made to look more stylish and comfortable. One way to do so is to get the right garden furniture.

Things to Consider

For you to have the right patio furniture there are factors that you need to consider. You need to know what you use the garden for, the durability of the material and the weather in the area.

  • Consider the weather: The materials that you use for your garden furniture will be highly be determined by the weather in the area that you reside in. The right materials for areas that are calm may not be ideal for areas that experience frequent storms.
  • The size of the garden: You do not want to get furniture that won’t fit in your garden. If you have limited space, consider furniture that will take up less space while at the same time accommodating a good number of people.
  • Where to keep the furniture: Some furniture is easy to store away in case of bad weather depending on their design. For example it will be easier to store aware foldable chairs that it will be with other designs. As you purchase your patio furniture, consider the storage options that you have.
  • Good quality: Just because this is outdoor furniture, it does not mean that you should compromise on quality. Remember that its windy outside, the furniture could be rained on and there is too much sun exposure. Good quality furniture will withstand this.
  • The theme of your home: Your garden is part of your home thus the furniture that you place there should match the theme of your home. Buy colors that will integrate perfectly with the overall theme.
  • Comfort: As you sit and relax, you want to do so in comfort. You should enjoy utmost comfort when you sit. The seats should have thick, soft cushions and pillows.

Whether you opt for furniture made out of metal, wood, plastic or rattan, you should focus on quality and comfort. It is important that you invest in quality and an appealing set of furniture. Good furniture will complement the overall look of your home.

Improve the Security of Your Home with LED Security Lights

Statistics show that crime rate has gone up by a big percentage across the globe. There is all manner of crimes from a mugging, killings to burglars. Although sometimes it’s inevitable being a victim, you can do your best to avoid being caught up in trouble.

As a homeowner, you can improve the security of your home with affordable LED security lights. 

• Make It Hard to Tamper With

The first thing that burglars will think about when they get to your home is how they are going to tamper with the security system. When you place the security lights too low, you make it easy for someone to incapacitate them.

The best way to prevent this is to place the security lights high making it unable for someone to reach them with ease.

• Combine the Lights

It is highly recommended that you use smaller lights for your home security. It’s advisable that you combine area lights, LED flood lights and wall packs rather than using big lights. The reason is when you combine like this; you will reduce blind spots and shadows in your property.

The kind of lights that you install can also increase or reduce the chances of intruders attacking your home thus you should talk to an expert for the best option.

• Use Detector Lights

Another great combination of LED lights that are quite effective is a combination of a motion detector and LED spotlights. You have most likely walked by a home when its dark and the light flicked as you passed by. It detected motion which is a good way to scare away an intruder.

Reasons LED Security Lights Are the Best?

• Long lasting – You definitely want security bulbs that are long-lasting and will save you money.  LED bulbs are long-lasting thus you will not need frequent replacement. They are also durable due to the fact that they neither have glass enclosures nor filaments.

• Energy efficient – Running security lights plus those of the house can be quite expensive. LED bulbs use less power which is good for your pocket. It is estimated that these kinds of bulbs use 90 percent less power than the traditional ones making them more cost-effective.

There is every reason that you should use LED security lights in your home. By ensuring that you place them high enough and in the most ideal places, you will have boosted your security system. You will also save money while protecting your home.

Home repairs you should never do on your own

The major reason why a lot of homeowners try to carry out major renovation projects on their own instead of hiring a professional is to save cost. Of course, there are some minor repairs that you could do on your own without the help of a professional. On the other hand, there are certain repairs you should never attempt on your own.

The reason why you should not attempts certain renovation or repair project on your own is that you do not have the skill or the expertise needed. If you press on despite this warning, the consequence might be very fatal.

Most of the time you are going to end up spending a lot more money than you would have spent if you have employed the service of a professional from the onset. Attempting certain renovation project could lead to serious injury and even death.

Below are some repairs, you should never do on your own.

Electrical repairs

Of course, you can carry out basic tasks like changing a light bulb and so on. But when it comes to the addressing of serious electrical issue, it is best you leave it to the professionals (electricians). Of course, hiring an electrician can be expensive. The reason why is because they have spent a good number of years learning how to work with electrical current.

The fact is that electricity is just too dangerous to deal with, especially if you have very little experience. Many homeowners who have attempted to address an electrical problem on their own ended up injuring themselves and their family.


Major renovations

Basement renovation is one of the major renovations that can be done in a home. And at that, it should never be attempted by non-professionals. There are certain things you are going to overlook if you attempt any major renovation on your own. A professional on the other hand will be able to tell if there is a looming danger. Of course, hiring these professionals is going to be expensive, but it is going to be worth it in the long run.



Plumbing repairs are much safer, especially when compared to electrical repairs. Obviously, your life is not going to be in danger when you are trying to stop a pipe from leaking. Since you are not an expert, there is a high possibility that you are going to make things worse (flood your entire home).

The Defining Features of Luxury Homes

A house can be the size of a one-room shanty or as large as a sprawling castle. However, the size of a building seldom defines true quality. A one-room apartment with a bathroom has more intrinsic value than a castle without one when it is snowing outside. Therefore, the features they contain best define luxury homes.

One of the most common elements that set a magnificent home apart from the others in the kitchen and its appliances. The kitchen is the heart of every home and the same is true when it comes to upper scale houses. The cooking area literally defines the home’s value.

The quality of materials used in the kitchen is therefore very important to establish the class of a home. For instance, custom-built 48-inch wall cabinets made using cypress wood can create a stunning effect. Add matching base cabinets with an island and a peninsula to finish off the look. Other materials are equally as impressive, such as real cheery and oak. However, cypress is the most dramatic.

Next, the appliances in the kitchen also define luxuriousness. Commercial sizes and restaurant quality fixtures are usually found in luxurious houses. For instance, it is not uncommon to see a 60-inch gas stove in an upper-class house. A separate refrigerator with glass doors that stand apart from the freezer is another. In fact, the number of upper scale appliances that are available is truly amazing. There are even dishwashers that look like an ordinary drawer.

Another area of the home that defines it as being unique is the bathrooms. This is a space where the imagination can run wild. One of the most common trends is to use marble throughout the room. Another is to have genuine silver or gold fixtures. The builder will not cut corners in the bathrooms because they realize the value a high-quality bathroom brings to the entire house.

While there are many things, both inside and outside the home that defines luxuriousness, the location is the most important. Waterfront property is very desirable as is any land that is near the mountains or in an isolated location. However, if the property has all three features it becomes extremely desirable. These houses are usually located on a secluded lake near the mountains.

Finally, a luxurious home will feature entertainment within its location. This can be anything from a theater room on the inside, to a swimming pool on the outside. Even something like tennis courts and riding stables can be part of the estate. Another most sought after feature is to have a private airstrip or a helicopter landing area.

In conclusion, luxury homes do not have to be large nor do they have to have hundreds of special features. What is most important is that the house has all the qualities an owner wants. Many folks believe they cannot afford such quality. Nothing can be further from the truth these days. Upper scale houses

Providing a Safe Home Environment for Kids

Having kids come with great responsibility. As you all know children are natural explorers. Everything they come across is theirs to explore and discover –be it the remote batteries, small toys, electrical appliances & cords, the staircase among other things. Hence, they need to be adequately supervised at all times.

Well, it doesn’t matter how well-secured your house is, children will always be children – they will fall, stumble, choke and even drown if you take your eyes off them. Supervision is paramount – there are no two ways about it.

You can still remove or minimize potential risks in the house and keep your children safe.

Keeping your kitchen safe

If statistics are anything to go by, people spend most of their time in the kitchen. And the kitchen can sometimes be a recipe for disaster, especially for young kids. So;

  • Keep matches, plastic bags, knives and other sharp/dangerous/poisonous objects and substance in locked drawers.
  • Teach your children what’s hot and how to use some electric appliances safely.
  • Get a safety cover for the garbage disposal.
  • When cooking, keep the pot/panhandle away from the edge of the stove.
  • Hot foods or drinks should be kept away from the edge of the countertop or table.
  • Install safety latches/ appliance lock on the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, microwave oven, dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Wipe up spills immediately. A wet floor is very dangerous for kids.
  • Turn the stove and any appliance off after you’re done using it.

How about window safety?

When kids start to crawl, extra precautions must be taken to avoid falls and related injuries.

  • Keep sofas and other furniture away from windows to discourage kids from climbing up.
  • Use window safety guards to protect children from falls.
  • If windows open from atop the better.
  • Never allow kids to open windows by themselves.
  • Ensure to lock windows after closing.

What about staircases?

With all the exploring children do, it’s very easy for them to fall down a flight of stairs. This, of course, can lead to very serious injuries.

  • Ensure the stairs is well lit and maintained.
  • Ensure the staircases are clear of any obstacles.
  • Use gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. The study gates should not leave big gaps in between and should be tall enough.
  • When your kids start to walk, teach them how to walk down the stairs using the handrail.

Bathroom and pool safety

Young kids face a higher risk of drowning because it only takes as little as an inch of water for them to drown. So never leave your kid unattended to in the water. If you have to take a call, take them with you –it’s that simple. Also;

  • Keep any electrical appliances away from the tub and pool.
  • Always be alert when your kid is swimming.
  • Install pool alarm system to alert you when your kid enters the pool.
  • Always lock the bathroom if not in use.
  • Install an anti-scald valve in your shower, sink, and tub.
  • Equip yourself with life-saving skills such as CPR, First Aid.
  • Learn how to spot signs of dry drowning and secondary drowning.

Other tips to keep your kids safe at home include:

  • Keep medicines and poisonous products out of kids reach. If they happen to swallow any substance you think it’s harmful, call poison control center immediately.
  • Cover the power sockets with plastic.
  • Install circuit breakers.
  • Get rid of damaged extension cords.
  • Make kids sleep in their own bed. Keep their bed away from electricity and curtain cords or any dangling cords that pose a strangulation hazard.
  • Always be vigilant about toys, food and other small objects around the house which can pose a choking risk.

Insanely Smart and Cheap Ideas for Decorating the Exterior of your House

Making your home look great does not have to break the bank. In fact, there are a number of ways through which the exterior of your house can look truly spectacular. In this age of innovation, creativity is the key. There are many smart solutions which you can put in place to decorate the exterior of your home.


The most obvious step is going to be to paint your home. It is amazing what a touch of paint can do to the exterior of a house. It makes the house come alive. The painting might seem like an arduous task, but it is the most important step to a brilliant exterior. If done correctly painting is a three or four-day job once every two or three years.

The trick is to include all areas when painting. This includes the front door, the shutter, the pillars, the curbs, walls, shutters, grids and everything else you can think of. Doing it all at once will save money and eliminate the stress that having to paint one area every couple of months. Simple, organized genius.


Exterior lighting is possibly the most underused exterior design idea. Nighttime lighting can add much-needed brightness and ambiance to any house. There are some innovative lighting solutions with a number of different themes that will add vibrancy to your home. It does not have to be lit up like a Christmas time home. But some subtle lighting over the doorways and over select areas can do much to add nighttime appeal.

The Driveway and Sidewalk

Use weed killer on driveways and on all pathways to save yourself the considerable hassle. Weeds can grow back every couple of months. Pulling them can be a waste of time, invest in weed killer and you can save a lot of stress. Use rocks, stones, gnomes, and bricks to add some variety to your paths and walkways. With a little innovation, you can tastefully add these items to your home exterior. Use a power washer to get rid of any stains on driveways or sidewalks.

Plants and Landscaping

No talk on exterior decoration would be complete without mentioning plants and landscaping. A number of carefully selected plants will do more for your home than anything else, bar perhaps painting.

Most important is to place a couple of plants along the main entrance to your home and along the main driveway and sidewalks. Plants are very cheap to buy and add much-needed life and color. No matter how well painted and lit up your home is, plants are needed to give it the final touch.

When landscaping, a good idea is to slope your garden upwards towards the front entrance. People will feel like they are entering a castle if you have a large enough slope.

When thinking of decorating the exterior of your home, creativity is crucial. A few well-placed lights, plants and a touch of paint can do wonders to start off.

After this, it is all about maintenance. It is up to you to keep your home clean and freshly painted. The exterior of any home is not a once off job. It requires constant commitment. If you do not take care of the plants they will die. And if you do not put energy into your home it will lose its vitality.