Insanely Smart and Cheap Ideas for Decorating the Exterior of your House

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Making your home look great does not have to break the bank. In fact, there are a number of ways through which the exterior of your house can look truly spectacular. In this age of innovation, creativity is the key. There are many smart solutions which you can put in place to decorate the exterior of your home.


The most obvious step is going to be to paint your home. It is amazing what a touch of paint can do to the exterior of a house. It makes the house come alive. The painting might seem like an arduous task, but it is the most important step to a brilliant exterior. If done correctly painting is a three or four-day job once every two or three years.

The trick is to include all areas when painting. This includes the front door, the shutter, the pillars, the curbs, walls, shutters, grids and everything else you can think of. Doing it all at once will save money and eliminate the stress that having to paint one area every couple of months. Simple, organized genius.


Exterior lighting is possibly the most underused exterior design idea. Nighttime lighting can add much-needed brightness and ambiance to any house. There are some innovative lighting solutions with a number of different themes that will add vibrancy to your home. It does not have to be lit up like a Christmas time home. But some subtle lighting over the doorways and over select areas can do much to add nighttime appeal.

The Driveway and Sidewalk

Use weed killer on driveways and on all pathways to save yourself the considerable hassle. Weeds can grow back every couple of months. Pulling them can be a waste of time, invest in weed killer and you can save a lot of stress. Use rocks, stones, gnomes, and bricks to add some variety to your paths and walkways. With a little innovation, you can tastefully add these items to your home exterior. Use a power washer to get rid of any stains on driveways or sidewalks.

Plants and Landscaping

No talk on exterior decoration would be complete without mentioning plants and landscaping. A number of carefully selected plants will do more for your home than anything else, bar perhaps painting.

Most important is to place a couple of plants along the main entrance to your home and along the main driveway and sidewalks. Plants are very cheap to buy and add much-needed life and color. No matter how well painted and lit up your home is, plants are needed to give it the final touch.

When landscaping, a good idea is to slope your garden upwards towards the front entrance. People will feel like they are entering a castle if you have a large enough slope.

When thinking of decorating the exterior of your home, creativity is crucial. A few well-placed lights, plants and a touch of paint can do wonders to start off.

After this, it is all about maintenance. It is up to you to keep your home clean and freshly painted. The exterior of any home is not a once off job. It requires constant commitment. If you do not take care of the plants they will die. And if you do not put energy into your home it will lose its vitality.