The Defining Features of Luxury Homes

A house can be the size of a one-room shanty or as large as a sprawling castle. However, the size of a building seldom defines true quality. A one-room apartment with a bathroom has more intrinsic value than a castle without one when it is snowing outside. Therefore, the features they contain best define luxury homes.

One of the most common elements that set a magnificent home apart from the others in the kitchen and its appliances. The kitchen is the heart of every home and the same is true when it comes to upper scale houses. The cooking area literally defines the home’s value.

The quality of materials used in the kitchen is therefore very important to establish the class of a home. For instance, custom-built 48-inch wall cabinets made using cypress wood can create a stunning effect. Add matching base cabinets with an island and a peninsula to finish off the look. Other materials are equally as impressive, such as real cheery and oak. However, cypress is the most dramatic.

Next, the appliances in the kitchen also define luxuriousness. Commercial sizes and restaurant quality fixtures are usually found in luxurious houses. For instance, it is not uncommon to see a 60-inch gas stove in an upper-class house. A separate refrigerator with glass doors that stand apart from the freezer is another. In fact, the number of upper scale appliances that are available is truly amazing. There are even dishwashers that look like an ordinary drawer.

Another area of the home that defines it as being unique is the bathrooms. This is a space where the imagination can run wild. One of the most common trends is to use marble throughout the room. Another is to have genuine silver or gold fixtures. The builder will not cut corners in the bathrooms because they realize the value a high-quality bathroom brings to the entire house.

While there are many things, both inside and outside the home that defines luxuriousness, the location is the most important. Waterfront property is very desirable as is any land that is near the mountains or in an isolated location. However, if the property has all three features it becomes extremely desirable. These houses are usually located on a secluded lake near the mountains.

Finally, a luxurious home will feature entertainment within its location. This can be anything from a theater room on the inside, to a swimming pool on the outside. Even something like tennis courts and riding stables can be part of the estate. Another most sought after feature is to have a private airstrip or a helicopter landing area.

In conclusion, luxury homes do not have to be large nor do they have to have hundreds of special features. What is most important is that the house has all the qualities an owner wants. Many folks believe they cannot afford such quality. Nothing can be further from the truth these days. Upper scale houses