Tips to Take Care of Potted Plants in Winter

Winter is a season that could see your gardening efforts fail. This is one reason you should have potted plants. Just because it’s wet and cold, it does not mean that you should not take care of your plants. How do you ensure that your garden thrives even when the winter is here?

  • Plant in the Right Pots

There are ideal pots for plants in winter. It’s advisable to avoid planting in concrete and clay pots since they absorb a lot of moisture. The more moisture they absorb which they will do in the cold season, the more harmful they are to the plants and the pots might end up cracking. The best materials for the pots are resin and plastic.

  • Ensure Proper Drainage

If you overwater the plants, there are high chances that the water will accumulate and eventually crack the container and damage the plants. Also depending on where your plants are located this overflow of water can also damage that area too. For this reason. we always recommend treated pine decking for pot plants that are on your verandas. Winter is also a time that there will be excess water in the pots if they are left in the open. Ensure that the pots have proper drainage.

  • Place them in Sunlight

Light is important for the plants and although there is no much sun in winter, it’s important that you place them where they can get some. This enhances their growth in a significant way and prevents them from being frail and dying eventually.

  • Use Enriched Soil

To ensure that there are sufficient nutrients for plants, it’s highly recommended that you use enriched soil when planting. This will prevent you from overfeeding or overwatering them but still ensuring that they are well-fed. In addition to the enriched soil, use organic fertilizer. This will go a long way in keeping the plants healthy in winter.

  • Choose the Ideal Plants

There are plants that will do better than others during this season. When you are selecting the potted plants, those that are suitable for one zone colder than yours are the best option. This guarantees you that regardless of how cold it will be, your plants will still thrive. 

Winter can be quite harsh on your plants even when they are potted. Using enriched soil, organic fertilizer, placing them in sunlight, ensuring proper drainage and using the right pots are highly recommended. This is a season when your plants require more care for them to thrive. Don’t forget to keep them sheltered from the rain and strong winds.